Security Research Group at IISc Bangalore

Overview of the group

The security group at IISc is a group of faculty, students, and staff who share interests in various aspects of computer security, privacy and cryptography.

The group has broad interests, ranging from theoretical foundations to practical aspects of security and privacy in deployed systems. Members of the group come from a number of departments at IISc:

  • Department of Computer Science and Automation

  • Department of Electrical Communication Engineering

  • Department of Electronic Systems Engineering

  • Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Department of Computational and Data Sciences

  • Robert Bosch Center for Cyber-Physical Systems

The diversity of the group's interests is reflected in the range of research areas being investigated by the group:

  • Symmetric and asymmetric-key cryptosystems

  • Secure multi-party computing protocols

  • Post-quantum cryptography

  • Information-theoretic security

  • Operating system and application security

  • Wired and wireless network security

  • Cloud platform security

  • Security of mobile devices and apps

  • Security of cyber-physical systems and the Internet-of-Things (IoT)

Please see the RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS page to get an overview of various projects being undertaken by members of the group.

We collaborate actively with industry, academia and government entities, both within Bengaluru and outside. IISc also serves as the anchor institution of the Karnataka State Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Cyber Security that was established in 2018, providing oversight and thought leadership to the CoE. We welcome new collaborators to get in touch.

The links alongside provide further details of the group's activities. For more information about specific projects, papers or presentations, please email the concerned faculty member directly.